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chunter – release zero

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Release Zero was created as part of the RPM Challenge, a public dare to create a coherent album using the time only in the month of February to conceive, compose, record, produce, and master. Since this coincided with participation in the Battle of the Bits Winter Chip IV competition, about half of the songs were composed with that contest’s rules in mind, although there is much retouching so that the result here is thin, light, and relaxing, instead of the shrill and overpowering sound often found in chiptunes. The result is an album with an atmospheric flow between tracks, designed to be played at a medium soft volume and provide a gentle, melodic background to your next thirty minutes.

“12-String Legacy” guitar rendering by Ortho Vargas.  Cover design by SirMarkus Kidd.

Download chunter – release zero courtesy of

Purchase physical CD copy of chunter – release zero courtesy of

4 responses to “chunter – release zero

  1. hunz March 13, 2009 at 12:55 am

    Dude, had the joy of stumbling on your work at RPM. Loved it, let me know when you release more. What tracking software are you using?


    • chunter March 13, 2009 at 12:27 pm

      Thank you, hunz!

      For this release, the tracker used actually varies by track. This is because of the limitations imposed in the rules of Battle of the Bits Winter Chip IV, for which about half of the tunes were written.

      The first track was intented for the “under 24k” competition and was programmed in ChibiTracker. The NES tunes were coded on SchismTracker and converted through Mukunda and reduz’ s3m2nsf program. The Sega tunes were coded on MOD2PSG2, which does its job very well though it’s a bit slow on my laptop. “All My Days” was done according to the rules of SounDevotion competition (in Renoise) and the rest were done in Renoise using VSTs without any restrictions.

      To provide a bit more uniformity, all the tracks were put into Reaper for “mastering,” which for most of the tracks just meant an EQ to take some of the chip “harshness” off and maybe a compressor.

      In the future, I can make a point not to use competition tunes since I won’t be limited to a month for the whole creation. 😉 With that in mind, I’ll probably use Renoise for almost everything, though I’m definitely a “right-tool-for-the-job” sort of person. I want to use more guitar and vocal, and I want to use DS-10 in the next release since I didn’t get around to it this time around.

      Thanks for listening!

      Best wishes

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