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chunter’s Release Zero reaches 150 downloads on

Thanks to all who downloaded Release Zero, I hope that you’ve enjoyed it.

When it was released, I didn’t have any expectations of looks, comments, or downloads, I just wanted to make sure it was available in as many places as I could comfortably put it.

150 is not a large number by standards of the entire global internet, or even for, but it represents about 100 more people than I have ever had listening to a piece of music I created, at least as far as I know.

I am curious to know if I have been listened to by anyone that is not already a musician. The idea of making music that only musicians like to hear does not bother me, but naturally, I am curious.

Thank you all again! Though I don’t have a concrete deadline set, I hope to make another release like this by the end of the year.


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