Compact Electronic Desktop Music

electronic music netlabel, music made with office equipment and toys


The name “Compact Electronic Desktop Music” comes from a few places, one of them being a Japanese fellow I showed the music to, through the magic of internet chatting; upon hearing my work he asked if I made “anything other than desktop music.”  Apparently, “desktop music” is a direct translation for what Japanese call music made primarily on the computer desk at home or in your bedroom.

The other place came from someone’s feedback to one of my pieces:  “I like that sizzling fart noise!”  I thought to myself how silly and dumb of a selling point “sizzling fart noise” would be, then imagined it on a business card:

compact desktop music
sizzling fart noise

The “compact desktop music” part slipped out unconsciously, and after some thought, I realized how much that phrase makes sense.  “Electronic” just emphasizes synthesis so people aren’t alarmed by that sort of sound.

What is compact music?  Well, the majority of my music recently was at the very least recorded, if not completely written and produced, on the same laptop computer that I am using to edit this page.  While some of my works are made on the not-so-compact PC at home (does mini-ATX count as compact?) a growing many of my pieces are being made on devices even smaller than this laptop, like Korg DS-10 tunes (a synthesizer cartridge for Nintendo DS).

Compact Electronic Desktop Music is music made on discarded office equipment and toys.  I hope you enjoy the result.

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