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chunter – WEDDING EP


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Sample audio:

This project began as a collection of the music used when chunter got married in April of 2012, tracks 2, 4, and 8 were used during the wedding and reception. Track 5 was composed with most of the programming done on the balcony of the hotel room one morning on honeymoon (before the wife woke up,) and the remaining tracks are reworkings of previous material which were originally intended for a different project.

Sounds range from an orchestra imitation, some electronic instrumental pop ballads, and a chiptune epic.

Everything Must Change (For You), So That Everything Stays the Same (For Us)

Everything Must Change at

Download entire album as a ZIP file

Sample audio:

Everything Must Change (For You), So That Everything Stays the Same (For Us) is a return to the RPM Challenge in 2011 (The RPM Challenge is a public dare to create a recorded album using the time only in the month of February to conceive, compose, record, produce, and master) and is named after a paraphrase used in the blog Spike Japan ( to describe the country’s economic structure.

As with Release Zero, the RPM Challenge was in the same month as Battle of the Bits’ Winter Chip VI and contains mastered versions of some entries there. The blend of chiptunes and samples of varying rates with RPM’s time limit causes a rough blend of sounds and styles, beginning with the eerie and soft and gradually moving towards the tongue-in-cheek only to return again.

chunter is a multi-instrumentalist musician who composes primarily in module trackers on a laptop computer.

Cool Morning

A chiptune styled piece with a light, happy, four-on-the-floor beat.  Available at CDBaby, Amazon, and in many other marketplaces soon.

Smiletron – Daydreams

Daydreams at

Download entire EP as a ZIP file

Download Sleepyhead

Download Sleepyhead (Astro Mix)

Download Somewhere Else

Download Reprise

In this release, Smiletron takes the sounds of chipmusic and blends in the sounds of nature, guitars, and piano, creating an intimate, peaceful mix.

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