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chunter – On a Rainy Day

front coverrear cover

On a Rainy Day at

Download entire EP as a ZIP file, courtesy of



chunter’s second release, a follow-up to Release Zero, On a Rainy Day takes the listener from the home you can’t wait to leave to the dangerous place you can’t wait to return from, using a blend of tracker samples, virtual synths and blips, and a 12-string acoustic guitar. This was mixed and mastered in its entirety on Renoise version 2.5.

chunter is a multi-instrumentalist musician who composes primarily in module
trackers on a laptop computer.

Cover art by SirMarkus Kidd.

“Markus” mascot based on “Darkbrown Raccoon” by Ryan Radio.

“Littlegrey” mascot based on “Raccoon2MaleFemale” by MiniFeru Artizar.

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